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A beautiful island and a jewel in the Mediterranean sea, the Greek island of Cyprus is a perfect holiday resort for many European and worldwide holiday makers. It has always remained a popular destination, and with that brings some of the best in holiday accommodation. There is a very large range of luxury holiday villas in Cyprus to rent, both at the very expensive end and also some smaller ones at for those looking for cheaper acccomodation. In addition there are also apartments in Cyprus available for those not wanting the luxurious holiday home, but would rather spend their time exploring the wonders of the Island.

Cyprus Villas

Villas In Cyprus

Of all the choice on the net it is difficult to find the right holiday home. Many landlords will have their property listed on several websites, so you end up coming across some of the same properties time and time again. After some research we have found the site Home Away has the best to offer in terms of vacation rentals. It is one of the largest vacation rental specialists in the world, with property listings in all holiday hot spots, but more importantly there are over 1,500 listed holiday properties just in Cyprus. So go and check them out and make use of their email management system to connect with the property owners.


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More about Cyprus


This island has been visited by every nation. Well what attracts so many tourists to the Island? Surrounded by crystal blue waters, famous for it’s fine white sand, and full of unique culture and history, it is thought to be the most stunning Islands on the planet, combined with an inland mountainous landscape.


For centuries nations have been arguing about who should own this paradise island. It’s own residents history goes way back in time, as a nation of seafarers known as Cypriots. Cyprus has been visited by many nations, and has also been influenced by other countries, but it still remains today a Greek Island. Today most visitors come from nearby European countries, and mainly the UK, as it’s convenient to travel there.

Many Europeans have decided to leave their home country and set up home as an expat. So rather than renting they buy a villa in Cyprus. Today there is a large expat community. For both expats and holiday visitors the most popular place to stay is Paphos on the South West coast of Cyprus. Ayia Napa generally attracts the younger tourists, with the buzzing nightlife. Other popular places to visit include Polis, Limassol, Lanarca, Nicosia, Troodos Mountains, Kyrenia, Paralimni, and Famagusta.


The culture goes back over 9000 years, and the story of Cyprus is so varied due to the amount of different cultures visiting. It was once a British colony, but this changed in 1960 when Britain allowed for it’s own independance. Today there is still some conflict as the northern part is mainly Turkish. Peace talks have been held on several occasions but the Island is still divided. There is a lot more to learn about the culture and history of Cyprus once you get there.